Internship Placement

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No matter where you come from, you should know you are a citizen of the world.

The English language is by far the most widely spoken around the world.

An Internship will provide you with valuable work experience in an English-speaking organisation.

You will improve the fluency and range of your English language skills. It will also give you an international dimension if you add it to your CV.

No doubt, the job market has become demanding. It’s for sure a winning combination that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

There are 2 types of programs available in London: Full-time and Part-time program.

The full-time program consists of an intensive language training for a minimum of four weeks followed by a full-time unpaid internship with a local employer. During the language training, you will focus on exploring the specialised vocabulary of the workplace and with the support and assistance of a dedicated Internship Counsellor, you will prepare for interviews with prospective employers. Then, once you have completed your intensive study period, you will begin your full-time internship, which may be chosen from a range of possible fields and employers.

The part-time program comprises a full-time four-week English course followed by a period of 8, 12 or more weeks in which students divide their day between studying English and participating in an unpaid internship. During the first part of the program, our Internship Counsellor will help you to prepare for interviews. During the second part of the program, you will combine formal classroom study with real-life business experience at a local company.

Why choose iam (immigration and migration) for an internship?

  • A wide variety of departments available to match your career goals.
  • Focused language training to help you make the most of your placement.
  • Expert help to prepare your CV and covering letter and to practise interview techniques.
  • Counselling and support throughout your internship placement.

Entry Requirements
You will need an English level of Higher Intermediate or above with good oral communication skills by the time the placement begins. We will check your level and recommend the right length of language tuition you need to reach this standard. You will be required to take an English test on enrolment as well as supplying your CV with a covering letter by email. Internships are available to students aged 18 and over. Please note that all Internship placements are unpaid and are subject to the visa regulations in the destination country.

You can read more about our Visas services here.

Don’t lose this opportunity which can change your life forever!