English language requirements for UK visas.


Type of Visa Level of English Language
Niveau 1 – General C1 or above

Niveau 1 Work visas (exceptional talent)
Niveau 1 Work visas (entrepreneur)
Niveau 2 General visas
Niveau 4 Student visas (below degree level)

B1 or above

Spouses and Civil Partners Visa

Niveau 2 Sportsperson visas

Niveau 2 – Intra-company transfer (for applications to extend leave beyond 3 years in this category)


A1 – Competence of English to a basic standard, including the ability to understand and use familiar everyday expressions, to introduce themselves and others, to ask and answer questions about personal details.
Niveau 2 Minister of ReligionNiveau 4 Student visas (degree level) B2 or above

For spouse or civil partner visas, the UKBA is mainly interested in the applicants’ ability in Speaking and Listening. Most of the English language exams develop all four language skills and you must take all parts of the exam to get results. ESOL Skills for Life has a Speaking and Listening mode which can be taken on its own.

However, if you are looking to get your results quickly, you might consider taking:

  • IELTS – results released 14 days after the test.
  • Certificated BULATS Online – certificates are released seven days after the Agent applies. The total time for release of certificate depends on how quickly the Agent arranges for the Speaking and Writing sections to be marked.
  • PTE – (Pearson Test of English) results are available within 5 business days of you taking the test.


Or you may contact us for more enquiries regarding other English language exams.